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Personal Financial Services

No gimmicks, no truth-stretching. Just caring humans and powerful technology working together to help you find financial peace of mind.


Tax Preparation

Are you receiving every penny that you are due? Our expert tax preparers are committed to ensuring that NO DIME IS LEFT BEHIND. We pursue getting you the maximum return so you are able to enjoy the money that you have earned.


Individual Returns

Federal and state income tax preparation for individuals and families. Maximum refund guaranteed.

Corporate & Business Returns

Corporate returns, partnership returns, federal, state. No matter what your business needs, we’ve got you covered.

Amendment Service

We’ll help you go back through previous years to see if anything was missed and amend your prior year’s returns.

Refund Advance Loans

Clients can apply for a No Fee Refund Advance loan when they file taxes.

Tax Debt Relief

Tired of dealing with the IRS? We can dramatically lower what you owe or even get it completely removed. We are here to help.

Personal Credit Building Program

Building your credit profile, and increasing your buying power has never been faster or more affordable. Use our credit building services to reach your credit goals in the shortest time possible.

Credit investigation
Credit Investigation

We’ll investigate all of your accounts you tag as inaccurate and provide dispute letters for you to mail.

Credit education
Credit Education

Virtual training provides an overview of today’s credit reporting industry as well as tools, strategies, and best practices when reviewing credit reports.

Student loan
Student Loan Rehab

Our staff will review your collection accounts, locate and communicate with the companies to determine your eligibility for the Loan Rehab program.

Auto approval
Mortgage/Auto Approval Assistance

We review your credit accounts with you to determine the issues preventing you from getting your loan and then work with you to take the necessary steps to get you credit ready as fast as possible.

Debt Negotiation Coaching

We will provide you with expert, proven advice to effectively deal with creditors and collectors and negotiate your best possible savings. We will also coach you to make sure it is done legally and protect you from future issues.

Credit Building Resources

You will gain access to our credit-builder partners. Start increasing your credit scores immediately with a credit builder program that’s right for you.

Personal Financial Memberships

Tax time is not the only time you need financial support. Are you buying a house? Need financial guidance? Obtaining a loan? Umbrella International Group offers personal financial services and our professionals have the answers to your questions – YEAR ROUND.

HOPE Financial Dashboard

HOPE is a powerful online money management tool that helps you manage personal finances.

Financial coaching
Financial Coaching

Certified financial counselors provide one-on-one expert guidance and recommendations.

Instant Deals

Discounts on food, clothing, entertainment, and travel.

Bill Negotiation

Professional Bill Negotiators to lower your reoccurring monthly bills: Cable/Satellite, Cell Phone, Security, Utilities, and a whole lot more.

Legal Services
Legal Services

Get legal advice to help you handle financial fights from a position of power and protect your rights as a consumer.

Identity Protection

Protect your savings, credit, and reputation with monitoring and comprehensive identity restoration services.

Personal credit
Debt Elimination

Get out of debt in 1/3 to 1/2 of the time and save thousands.

Wealth Accumulation

Exclusive access to done for you wealth-building strategies.

Scale your business as a corporate partner.