Umbrella Brands

Supporting Independent Freelancers

Empowering entrepreneurs with side-hustle income that expands their skillset, and allows them to earn residual income, around their schedule.


Tax Business Licensee Program

The Umbrella business model is revolutionary in the tax preparation industry. While taxes are at the heart of our brand, we empower independent business owners to offer year-round financial services to their customers to create multiple revenue streams and higher returns on investment.


Virtual operations - no real estate overhead

We empower our licensees to operate their tax business virtually. No physical office needed.

Low Startup costs

We offer full support and lower upfront and ongoing costs than other franchisees, and higher revenue-share profits.

One Business With Multiple Revenue Streams.

Financial security is the main reason every business owner should be looking into multiple revenue stream income.

Fully training, no experience required

Our proven, turnkey system provides licensees everything they need to hit the ground running with training, marketing, technology and recruiting essentials.

Quick Return on Investment

The recession-proof tax and financial services business has a never-ending stream of clients who need our licensees’ services.

Independent Agents

We empower our customers and clients to join UIG as an independent agent to grow their streams of income.

In our program, agents act as their own boss, but with the tools and training they need to be successful.

Simple to join
Simple to Join

Agents can get up and running today! We offer an affordable and sensible way to enter entrepreneurship.

Easy to refer
Easy to Manage and Refer Online

Whether you work in the financial services industry, real estate, car sales, have a large network, you are a content site or blogger; we have simple online and offline marketing tools to meet your advertising needs and help you further monetize your business.

Start earning money
Start Earning Money

We provide additional training via conference calls, webinars, and social media platforms. Plus, our competitive compensation model help agents maximize their earnings.

Virtual Tax Preparer

We invite tax professionals to earn extra income this tax season, virtually and around their schedule. Most use the opportunity to supplement their income or create add-on services using our innovative technology.

We refer clients directly to our professional network of virtual tax pros, and they get to put their skills to work to earn extra money.

Access to Vtax Software

Our mobile-first online tax portal allows clients to upload documents and securely communicate with our tax professionals.

Virtual business
Virtual Business

Our tax preparers work from wherever they have access to the Internet, aroudn their schedule.

Tax season support
Tax Season Support

Our professional tax prep support team is active year-round and always available. Reach out via through your dashboard via livechat or email if you have any questions or just to say hi.

Scale your business as a corporate partner.